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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of installation, repair and services.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the installation, repair and service shall be subject to the following terms and conditions.


  • "Services" means the engineering and associated services relating to the Customer's Equipment as set out in the proposal specified in our quotation or other agreed documents or discussions between us.

  • "We", "us" and "our" mean the Dang Electrical Services Ltd providing Services to you.

  • "You" and "your" mean the person or company to which we are providing Services.

  • "Customer's Premises" means the building or company belonging to you, or for which you request us to provide services.

Incorporation of Conditions

  • a) Any contract or agreement to do work made between you and us shall be subject to these conditions, and any terms you put forward do not apply.

  • b) All other terms and conditions which might be implied by conduct or a previous course of dealing or trade custom are excluded from this contract.

  • c) No amendment or change shall be made to these conditions


  • Our quotation provides an indication to you of the items on which you may place an order, but no order from you as a result of a quotation (or otherwise) shall be binding upon us unless and until it is accepted or confirmed by us.

  • A quotation is made on the assumption that the work requested is reasonably capable of being carried out. If on inspection this is found in our opinion not to be the case, we will advise you to this effect as soon as reasonably practicable, and may offer you a reconditioned or new substitute on terms to be agreed. If you give a general instruction for repairs without specifying the particular service or replacement parts, we will be entitled to carry out such repairs or, modifications or service as in our opinion are necessary to put the Customer's Premises in good working order, and to make an appropriate charge for the work and parts provided.

  • Provided your order is placed and confirmed within seven days of the date of the quotation, the price contained on the quotation shall be fixed unless the quotation states otherwise. If your order is not placed in that period, then if any change shall occur after that in the costs of any materials, labour, transport or other items, including overheads, which we have to pay or incur may affect the final invoice. However, any change to the original quoted cost, will be discussed and must be agreed upon with client before any work can continue.

  • We will charge for all work carried out at your request, whether exploratory or otherwise and, in particular, we reserve the right to instruct our employees or agents to work overtime to comply with your delivery requirements if the deliver requirements were not part of the original time frame discussed. In such cases we may charge you the cost of such overtime but any overtime costs will be discussed with you and must be agreed upon by you before the overtime can commence. If the overtime rate is not agreed, we will continue to carry out the work within the original time frame discussed during the quotation period.

Work on Site

If the Services are to be carried out on your premises or at your request at some other site, we will need free and safe access to the customer's Premises, together with proper and safe storage and protection of all goods, tools, plant and equipment and materials we have on site. We may also require additional facilities to carry out the Services such as electricity. You will observe and comply with the latest Health and Safety at Work Legislation and ensure that the site is safe and without risk to the health and safety of all persons working there; and you will hold us harmless against all legal and regulatory proceedings, costs and charges in respect of your failure to do so.


Unless otherwise agreed with you by us, we will issue an invoice for 50% deposit amount due before work starts and the remainder 50% amount due within 14 days of completion of the Services. Any deposit amount of £500 or above can only be paid with credit card to protected. If the 50% deposit amount exceeds £500 and credit card payment cannot be taken, we will accept a deposit value of £499. Unless otherwise agreed with you by us, Invoices will be due for payment 14 days from the day on which we despatch the invoice to you unless otherwise stated. All payments will be in pounds Sterling. Final payments must be made by the 14th day after completion. Failure to provide final payment after 14 days of completion of works will incur a 3% late payment fee on the gross amount on every 7th day the final payment is outstanding.

Designs Drawings and Specifications

You shall be responsible for the accuracy of any designs, specifications and other data, which you or your employees or agents supply to us, which we use in connection with the Services, even if we examine, inspect or comment upon them. You will hold us harmless against any liability to a third party which we may incur as a result of carrying out the Services in accordance with your instructions or your designs, drawings, specifications or other data.


  • We will take reasonable care of the Customer's Property whilst it is in our custody and will not make good any cosmetic damage cause by work being undertaken unless the loss damage is caused by our failure to exercise reasonable care, our liability being limited to the replacement value of the Premises.

  • We also undertake to use reasonable skill and care in carrying out the work and to use materials, which are suitable quality and free from defects.

  • Unless otherwise agreed, we will rectify defective work and /or defective materials notified to us in writing within twelve months of the completion of the work and liability for defective work and/or defective materials is limited the same type, brand and model of material. If the original material is not available or out of production, we will replace defective materials with the newer version if applicable. We will have no responsibility for other loss or damage, including (without limitation) loss profit or production, except as required by law.

Termination of this Contract

We may bring this Contract to an end if you fail to comply with your obligations under this Contract, within seven days of having been notified by us of the relevant failure. We may also bring this Contract to an end immediately if you are the subject of a petition for a bankruptcy order, or you become insolvent or enter into any composition, scheme or arrangement with your creditors. If you are a corporation or other legal person, we may bring this Contract to an end immediately if a receiver (including an administrative receiver) is appointed over any of your assets or an application is made to appoint an administrator for you. If you are in partnership, we may bring this Contract to an end immediately if the partnership is dissolved. We may also terminate this Contract if any proceedings relating to your insolvency are commenced in any country.

If this Agreement ends for any reason, we will be entitled to remove all of our equipment from your premises or from site. You will remain liable to us for any sums which you have not paid, for all work done up to date of termination and for any other breaches of this Contract.

Limitation of Liability

We accept that we are liable for any death or personal injury resulting from our negligence or the negligence of our employees or agents acting in the course of their employment. In relation to defects in goods sold to you by us, we may also be liable under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 or equivalent legislation, but only to the extent that such liability cannot lawfully be excluded.

Apart from our agreement to rectify any defects or errors in the Services as set out according to our Warranty terms and to repair the Customer's Property where there is loss or damage to goods in transit as set out according to our Transportation terms:

  • Our maximum liability to you for the direct loss or damage, either under this Contract or arising from any act or omission, including negligence, will not exceed the total amount paid by you under this Contract, or such higher sum as a court may specify as reasonable up to a limit of £100,000; and

  • We will not be liable to you under any circumstances for any indirect or consequential losses (including for example, loss of Contracts or loss of profits of production).

The limitations and exclusions in this paragraph apply to any claim, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of any statutory duty or implied term or any other claim, except any liability for death, personal injury or defects in goods supplied to you by us as set out above.

The limitations and exclusions in these conditions reflect the value of this Contract to us and are considered to be reasonable. If you require us to accept greater liability we may be prepared to do so subject to agreement of an additional charge to reflect the increased risk and cost of insurance to us.

Force Majeure

We will not be liable to you for any failure to perform our obligations under this Agreement where that failure results from any cause outside our reasonable control, including but not limited to natural occurrences, disruption of power supplies, the action of third parties or industrial action.


Any disputes which we cannot settle amicably relating to the nature or quality of the Services will be referred to an expert to be agreed or (if we and you cannot agree the choice of expert within 14 days of an expert being proposed by you or us) appointed at the request of you or us by the President for the time being of the institute of Electrical Engineers. The written report of the expert will as between you and us be conclusive evidence of all matters of fact and all matters opinion set in the report and the charges of the expert shall be borne and paid as the expert may direct.


Unless indicated otherwise, all sums payable under this Contract are stated inclusive of Value Added Tax (which will be charged at the rate prevailing at the relevant tax point) and any other tax or duty chargeable under any relevant legislation.

Assignment/Third Parties

You will not assign your rights under this Agreement without our express written approval. We may sub-contract the provision of certain of the Services at our discretion. No third party shall acquire any rights under this Contract except as specifically stated in these conditions.


Any notice to be given by you or us must be in writing and may be delivered by electronic mail. Notices to us should be sent to us at the address stated on our quotation, acknowledgement or invoice. Any notice given to you will be sent to you at the address supplied at the time of order. You and we are free to provide an alternative address for notices at any time. Facsimile notices will be assumed to have been delivered on the next working day after transmission, and notices sent by first class post will be assumed to have been delivered two working days after they are sent.


Any express or implied by us of any failure by you to perform your obligations under this Agreement will not prevent the subsequent enforcement of those obligations. Similarly, any waiver we give will not be taken to be a waiver of any subsequent failure by you to perform that or any other obligation.


Where necessary, we may require to photograph or makes notes before, during and after any work carried out unless otherwise agreed with you by us. We may use any photos taken for our portfolio and social media platforms which include, but are not limited to Our website (, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Should you object to photographs or notes being taken, we require notice of this in writing before, during or after any works have been commenced.

Whole Agreement

This Contract constitutes the entire agreement between us relating to the Services and overrides any prior correspondence or statements relating to the Services (including any statements or representations in any advertisements or literature produced by us relating to the Services).


If any provision of this Agreement is ruled to be valid for any reason, that invalidity will not affect the rest of this Agreement, which will remain valid and enforceable in all respects.


This is Agreement is governed by English Law.

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